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ITS further expands its paper production

Following the rising demand for paper products like baking paper in sheets and rolls and sandwich paper in many different sizes, ITS decided at the end of 2011 to increase its paper production capacity.

International certificates
Partly because of the certificates ITS has been awarded for its paper production, such as Der Blauer Engel for Germany, Nordic Ecolabel for Scandinavia and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) for the whole of Europe, a growing number of customers have ordered their paper products from ITS. This means that ITS has an increasingly important position in this growing market.

Capacity doubled

In the first five months of 2012 a number of new machines have been installed and a rearrangement of the machine configurations has taken place. As a result the capacity has partly doubled. ITS can now produce all occurring sizes, and recently new contracts have been signed with customers in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and Scandinavia. The growth in this segment will be about 40% in 2012, and in combination with the growth in the other product groups this will therefore be a good year for ITS in many areas.