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ITS invests in innovation

ITS stands for innovation. We would like to give you a brief update on our recent investments in innovations. Of course we will keep you up to date on this site of any future developments in this respect. So make sure you visit this page often!

The capacity of our line for cling film has been both doubled and automated by means of robots. This good news also applies to our baking paper line. Here too the capacity has doubled and the line has been robotised. While previously the products were packed by hand, this process now takes place automatically all the way to the pallet. This process also guarantees 100% traceability, both on the roll and even when packed, a true innovation!

Even more safety
ITS has also made a further investment in what is already a high level of safety and quality. By making it compulsory for staff to go to their workplace via a special clean room with a multitude of hygienic measures, they are guaranteed to start their work 100% clean. We also frequently have certified risk analyses performed for all aspects of our business operations, from staff to machinery.

Direct approach to unsafe situations
Furthermore, all movements involved in pallet storage and transport have been analysed and optimised in terms of safety, and walkways for staff and driving lanes for forklift trucks have been separated in a clearly visible way. We also constantly call on staff to report any unsafe situations. These are dealt with seriously by means of a project tool, and we guarantee demonstrable improvements for any identified unsafe situations.

Finally, anticipating the intended construction of a new, probably fully automated warehouse, a new build – an annexe to the existing office – has already been completed. It has a separate staff entrance, canteen and changing room. This is the first step towards our future expansion.