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Aluminium foil

Everything is possible

ITS aluminium foil is ideal for storing, preparing and protecting food. It is heat resistant and suitable for cooking, grilling, baking and barbecuing. It keeps hot and cooled dishes fresh longer, protects flavour and vitamins and reduces the transfer of smells. We are a leading partner for the retail sector in this respect.

Also for the catering sector
ITS also has the best aluminium foil for the catering sector, as we produce aluminium foil of different lengths and widths for retail as well as catering, and can easily adapt our product to your requirements.

Special requirements? Ask us for information
ITS is also your partner if you have any special requirements for aluminium foil. We will be happy to discuss all the inspiring details with you in a personal chat.

Avoid contact with acid (e.g. lemon) or too salty (e.g. bacon) food, which can affect the aluminium, and contact with stainless steel pans and dishes.

BBQ foil
BBQ foil is the ideal foil for use during the BBQ season. It is ideal for wrapping products you put onto the BBQ, and for coating the inside of the BBQ and so raise the temperature. It is also great for folding little dishes to prevent leaking. You can’t do without ITS BBQ-foil during the BBQ season. In short, this is an extra wide, extra strong aluminium foil, developed specially by ITS for the BBQ season.