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Roasting bags: the flavour is retained

ITS roasting bags for meat, chicken, fish and vegetables provide a special taste experience without the use of fat or oil. All flavours, vitamins and nutrients are retained and your oven and dishes remain completely clean.

The residue in the bag after preparation is extremely suitable for preparing sauces. This product has been made from heat-resistant polyester foil.

Steam bags: handy and heat resistant

ITS steam bags have been developed specially for heating up and cooking products in the microwave. Our steam bags cook evenly and protect your products against drying out.

They also produce a melange of flavours. They are heat resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius and have a handy resealable strip. This is a healthy living product: quick, efficient food preparation without adding fat or oil.

Resealable bags: sustainable, in many varieties

 ITS resealable bags are available in different varieties: bags with a single or double resealable strip or even a zip.

Our bags are suitable for use in fridge and freezer, but they are also ideal for storing dry food in the cupboard. Resealable bags are handy, and ITS supplies them in many different sizes. There are even bags with a flat base and liquid-tight seals for storing liquids like soup.