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Cling film

perfect for keeping your food fresh

ITS cling film is perfect for keeping food fresh in the fridge. Cheese, meat, vegetables and fruit wrapped in ITS cling film will not dry out, remain fresh and tasty without discolouring, and retain the minerals and aromas. Because of the unique composition of cling film it clings perfectly to the products, and is suitable for contact with food.

Freshcling is a plastic film that can be used in many different ways. The film produced by ITS is strong, elastic and clings perfectly to products and dishes. It is suitable for contact with food, and the handy packaging makes it very easy to use the product. Freshcling also fits into the ITS PROTEX dispenser, making it even easier to use.

For both retail and catering
ITS Freshcling is available in different widths and lengths, and can also be supplied in perforated sheets on a roll. This means our cling films are suitable for use in both retail and catering.